“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
— Audrey Hepburn

Thank you for being part of the Skyline Community! Our school and students only thrive with the support of their teachers and volunteers like YOU! There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, here are a few highlights! 

To make each of our Skyline Events a success we need willing and supportive chairs to help lead. If you have an interest in leading a team, please contact Deirdre Hubler.

Every year, our school generates THOUSANDS of volunteer hours from parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, community members, businesses, senior citizens, college and high school students. There isn’t a job too big or too small to help support the education of our children. Please take a moment and check out the MANY various volunteer opportunities we have available throughout the school year. Every minute, hour and job helps. As volunteers we also tire and get volunteer burnout. We’re looking for new families to help in areas that they are passionate about. And for our returning families to continue doing the amazing work you always do! No matter what your passion, there’s a job for you!!!!


  • An interest and enthusiasm for working with students
  • The ability to work cooperatively with school personnel and other volunteers
  • A positive attitude & enthusiasm
  • The dedication to fulfill the obligations of the volunteer position
  • Keep your sense of humor and smile often

Forms to fill out prior to volunteering:

  • Volunteer Background Check for PPS (Required – online) Please complete via link below.
    Background Check
  • The Volunteer Background Check is of primary importance as we rely heavily upon the incredible amount of parent support given in the form of volunteering in various school activities.  The check may seem intrusive but it is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of Skyline children as requipped by Portland Public Schools.  The process that is managed by the Security Services Department and the results are confidential. Questions regarding this process should be emailed to securityservices@pps.net
  • Whenever you volunteer at Skyline, you must wear a volunteer badge. All volunteers must read, sign and return the Volunteer’s Code of Conduct.  Those planning to drive Skyline students to/from a Field Trip must also complete the Driver’s Statement and return it with copies of a valid Driver’s License and current auto insurance certificate.
  • Online Skyline School Volunteer Interest Form Please read through Volunteer Opportunities below and indicate which jobs you are interested in. You can also download a pdf form and submit to the office.
    Return the forms to the office by Friday, September 1st


  • All school volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality while working in the school. Any
    information seen or heard at school about children and/or their families should be considered
    privileged. Trust must be established and maintained in order for this volunteer program to be
  • Discipline of students is solely the responsibility of the teacher in charge. Volunteers should in no way discipline students. Should students misbehave in your presence, you should report this immediately to the teacher in charge. The teacher will then determine the necessary course of action.
  • Thank you for your time and commitment, don’t forget to log your hours.


 School Events


(September 7th)Chairs: Brian Hoop & Kitty NolanBack to school event with food and musical entertainment. Help needed onday of events.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours day of event, depends on task

School Directory
Chair: Kristin RaderCoordinate and assemble the annual Skyline School Directory. The Directoryincludes a comprehensive listing of information relating to students, staff and services at Skyline. All work can be conducted at home. Knowledge of Excel a plus.Time commitment: depends on what task
Picture Day/Retakes

Help Skyline staff with coordination of tasks on Skyline Picture day.

Time commitment: whatever you can offer on the day of the event, usually around 2-3 hours.

Scholastic Book Fair
(November 28th-Dec 1)Chairs: Abbey Poizer & Morgan BorsHelp with set-up/cash register/cleanup. Bookfair in Skyline gym – percentage of proceeds go to Skyline School. Time commitment: 2 hours prep, breakdown or day of event
Clothing Closet

  • October 1st
  • March 21st


Adult volunteers are required to go the sorting center at Marshall High school to help children and family choose clothes.

Time commitment- 3 hours per date

Holiday Pop-Up Shops

(December 1st)

Chairs: Michelle Simone & Cosette Posko

Join our Skyline community and vendors for a holiday pop-up shop event to support our backpack program. A portion of funds raised go toward fresh food for our Skyline families in need.

Art Mural Event

(TBD ~ Fall)

Chair: Shannon Garcia-Shinn


(March 16th)**

Chairs: Morgan Bors & Carly Mersereau

Help Auction Chair with Auction events (i.e Live and Silent Auction, Donations, Procurement, Volunteers, etc). Skyline’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

Time commitment: depends on task

Giving Tree


Chair: Deirdre Hubler

Help event chair coordinate Holiday Giving Tree tasks.

Time commitment: 2-5 hours during holiday time frame

Used Book Fair

  • Collection Week April 9th-12th
  • Sales Week April 15th-18th

Chairs: Erin Fast & Amber Anderson

Help event chair with collecting, counting, organizing, setting up or selling books

during the sale.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hour shifts

Literacy Night

(Spring ~ TBD)
In search of Chair

Seeking a chair or a small group of individuals to lead our Literacy Night. Literacy night was a new event last year that was a great success. Organize literacy based activities (bookmark making, bingo, postcard writing, trivia, etc.)

Cookie Dough Sale/Citrus Sale


Chair: Diana Dienger

Help with coordination and communication

Time commitment: 2 hours

STEM/Science Night

(Winter/Spring ~ TBD)
In search of Chair

We’re hoping to launch our first school-wide STEM night this year. Seeking 1-2 chair members to work with our technology teacher and coordinate a fabulous night where families can explore the magic of STEM.

Move for the Arts

(May 17th)

Chair: Susan Anderberg

Help event chair with planning activities and with the day of activities. Donations received directly support the Art program.

Time commitment: depends on task you choose

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

(May 6th-10th)


Help chair with coordinating food, treats, setup/cleanup, etc for our wonderful

Skyline staff. Once a month for late start & during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Time commitment: 2 hours prep, setup or breakdown

School Supply Sale

(April sales, delivery 1 week before school starts)


Select dates, Sign Contract with Vendor, Enter School supply lists, distribute order forms, enter orders, select shopping dates, and distribute kits.

Time commitment: 10 hours in spring and before school starts


(May 31st)

Chairs: Cosette Posko

Help Carnival Chair with day of coordination and events. This event is a yearly


Time commitment:  depends on task

T-shirt Sale

(Fall/Spring sales)
In search of Chair
Help with preparing order form, working with vendor on pricing & material, distributing & collecting order forms, entering order into Excel and generating order spreadsheet for vendor, picking up order, and distributing order to each classroom.

Time commitment: depend on task


On-Going Volunteer Opportunities
Backpack Program:
Chair: Liz Ascher
Help families in need by picking up food from Sunshine Pantry ~ pickup on Wednesday after 11am (Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy), or putting food into backpacks for distribution to families at Skyline.

Time commitment: 1 hour a week
**In need of pickup drivers

Box Tops
Chair: Liz Ascher
Collect, sort and mail boxtops to help earn money for our school.

Time commitment: 1 hour every few months

Classroom Room Parent

K/1 ____  2/3 ____  4/5 ____
6th  ____ 7th ____  8th ____

These parents help, work with teachers, plan classroom parties, and other special events.

Liaison for Auction class projects, work with Shannon Garcia-Shinn  and classroom teacher to coordinate.
Time commitment: varies, position can be shared

Family Night Out Coordinator

Chair: Nicole Anderson

Coordinate with Event Chair. Help with communication and coordination or creating flyers for events.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours a month

Green Team/Skyline Stewards

Green Team Chairs: Darby Currie & Leslie Boyd
Stewards Chair: 

Volunteers are needed to help with conservation, creative re-use, recycling, and waste reduction activities.

Help with outdoor Skyline Projects (Gardening, Community Care Days, Monthly Steward parties, Adopt a Plot)

Time commitment: 1-3 hours every 2 months

Health & Safety Committee Work with the school and focus on:  Earthquake preparedness, Generator, Playground. I would like to continue expanding on this committee and officially have them work with PTA so we can get updates and have point contacts when issues arises. Please contact Cosette Posko if you are interested in joining this team.
Leadership Mentor Middle school students and 4/5 grades will take part in devising a project, executing and gaining valuable leadership skills. Parents will be required to help

supervise and mentor the students.

Time commitment: 2 hours a month

Phone/Email Liaison Making phone calls/send emails for donation and volunteer support. Can work from home.

Time commitment:  varies

Plant/Seed Sale

Chair: Michelle Posey

Help coordinate families and purchasing plant & seeds from local vendors.

Percentage of purchases support Skyline PTA.

Time commitment: whatever you can offer

PTA Meeting Caregiver

(College students/Grandparents?)

Attend monthly PTA meetings to cover childcare. We ideally would like 2 adults for this position. Could be a grandparent, college student, local community member, etc. We are able to gift a $25 gift card for service, usually in the form of a Fred Meyer gift card. Meetings start at 6pm and go until about 8-8:30 (end of Foundation meeting).

Dates for the 2018-2019 school year:

9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 1/17, 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, 5/23

Time commitment: 2 hours/month, includes compensation

School Climate & Equity Committee Be part of the school team that focuses on school climate, behavior and equity.
School Site Council Work with school faculty to review, outline and discuss school goals and initiatives.
K/1 ____  2/3 ____  4/5 ____
6th  ____ 7th ____  8th ____
Help chair with yearbook production including collecting/organizing/selecting pictures.

Time commitment- depends on what task you choose

(Please!, All parents with cameras please take pictures of classroom events and field trips. These are collated at the end of the year for a yearbook full of memories).Post on Instagram with hashtag #skylineIB

Do you have other interests or ways you can help our school and PTA? Here are some ideas, but feel free to add in anything you can help with!
Music Enthusiasts (Dancing/Instruments, etc)
Reading Specialist
Baking/Cooking or donating items for special events
Special Skills (carpenter, author, musician, etc) :_________________________________
Other Skills/Interests (to help out any project if needed)
Classroom volunteer, help in classrooms as needed

PTA Board Member:
President ~ Clarissa Kearns
Vice President ~ Darby Currie
Secretary ~ Carly Mersereau
Treasurer ~ Amber Anderson
Volunteer Coordinator ~ Deirdre Hubler

Don’t forget to log  your hours! Every hour logged earns us money. Many companies match our volunteer hours and give us money!! You can always log your hours at school too!
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