Skyline Foundation

Skyline School Foundation: Funding Our Children’s Future

Funds raised by the Skyline School Foundation:
 Keep class sizes small

 Enable a well-rounded education for our kids:

  • Music and the Arts
  • Library and Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Language enrichment

What is the Skyline School Foundation?

We are parent volunteers and donors joining together to improve education at Skyline School.

How does the Foundation Improve Education?

The foundation is the only parent organization that can directly fund additional staffing for Skyline School. We help pay for needed educators when public funding falls short. The first $10k raised is 100% dedicated to Skyline School. Two-thirds of additional funds raised stays at Skyline School, while the remaining third goes to our umbrella organization, The Fund for PPS ( ), where it is used to fund education improvements district-wide. An inspiring video on just how this benefits our community is available here:
The PPS Foundation: One District. All In.

What has the Foundation been able to do in the past?

The Skyline School Foundation became active in 2001-02 and has been continuously providing for additional school staff. Skyline’s foundation has one of the highest per-capita fund raising results in the district thanks to the help of so many donors and volunteers.

How does the Foundation raise the funds to do this?

Many individual donors make tax-deductible donations (and many local employers match these donations!) See the donation information further below if you’d like to help out. Our biggest fundraiser is the Annual School Auction in March. In addition to our biggest fundraiser, we will be hosting Lagers at Lagunitas in our 2020 school year. These events only happen with support from our families as well as local business sponsors and those employer matching funds.

How can I help the Foundation improve education at Skyline School?

1. Donate: For one-time or regular contributions you can contribute online here:

IMPORTANT: Select Skyline School & check with your employer to see if they offer matching donation funds!

2. Participate:Volunteer or come to any of our meetings! If you can’t make the meetings, we’d love to have volunteers help with our fundraisers, or put your creativity to work suggesting new fundraisers or improvements to existing events. Contact any of the listed foundation officers for opportunities to help keep Skyline School a great place to learn!

All Foundation Meetings (@ 7:00 p.m., Skyline Library):
September 19, October 17, November 21, December 12, January 16, February 20, March 12, April 16, May 28 (this is the Annual meeting) Find our agendas on the PTA Agenda Page.

2019-2020 Foundation Board Members:
Tiffani Torgeson ~ Chair
Liz Ascher ~ Co-Chair
Michelle Ruppelt ~ Interim Treasurer
Erika Gustafson ~ Secretary
Morgan Bors – Auction Chair