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46th annual CORNFEST
Skyline’s Back to School Celebration

Friday, September 8th
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Skyline School

The Cornfest is a Skyline tradition of food, friends and fun for families, teachers and staff to gather together as a new school year begins.

Volunteers Needed:
To make Cornfest a success we need dozens of Skyline parents and middle school students to volunteer. This is a great way to meet other parents and get involved.

All it takes is signing up for a 30-minute shift. Ideally help out for two 30 minute shifts or more. Help needed with set-up and clean-up, food servers and runners, kitchen help, corn roasters, cashiers, and more.

Register to volunteer online here or go to:

Day of event tasks we need help with:

  • Set-up(3 – 5 PM): set-up tables, food line, signage, decorations.
  • Cashiers: Take payments for dinner, make change.
  • Food Runners:Bring food up from kitchen when needed.
  • Food Servers:Serve up dinner portions.
  • Corn Roasters:Roast and serve corn.
  • Green Team Kitchen Help:Run re-useable dishes through dishwasher.
  • Clean Up (start 7:30ish):Put food away, take down tables, litter patrol.
  • Arts and Crafts:Assist kids with arts and craft activities.

Advance coordination help needed: Opportunity for newer Skyline parents to take on a leadership role helping with advance coordination and set-up.

  • Advance food and supply run coordination: Coordination of food ordering, advance pick-up at grocery and day of pickup for hot food.
  • Pasta cooking, day before: Boiling pasta the previous day, package and deliver to Skyline kitchen.
  • Green Team coordination: Advance coordination and set-up for recycling stations, helping ensure reusable trays are ready, delivery of compost to farm. Does anyone know of a farm needing our compost? Ray Friedmann coordinated this for years but his daughter has moved on to high school.
  • Arts and crafts table coordination: Advance coordination for arts and crafts table for student activities during event.
  • Audio support for band: Advance help with band with audio set-up, mainly electrical cord connection, troubleshooting issues throughout night.

 Questions, info and to volunteer contact or Brian at 503-475-6056 or

Sponsored by: your Skyline School PTA.