PTA Meetings~Agendas, Minutes

Welcome to the Skyline PTA! We hope you have already become a member, if not, you can complete an application online or download a membership form here. As a member, you not only get to vote on important decisions on how our PTA spends funds, but you also receive many discounts from businesses around the US. Check out the National PTA website for details.

Our meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday of every month beginning at 6:00pm. Our Foundation meeting begins directly after, learn more about our Foundation. A full list of dates can be found on our calendar.

FREE Childcare is provided for ALL PTA meetings. If you would like to utilize the childcare services, please email Chris Sugura or Cosette Posko to reserve a spot. Kids are provided with pizza for dinner, your RSVP ahead of time allows us to make sure we have enough for all children. Our PTA board also provides snacks for meeting attendees.

*All PTA/Foundation Meetings 6PM
9/21, 10/19, 11/16, 1/18, 2/15, 3/15, 4/19, 5/17
2017-2018 Standing Rules ~ Approved 9/21/17

February 2018 Agenda
January 2018 Agenda
November 2017 Agenda
October 2017 Agenda
September 2017 Agenda
May 2017 Agenda
April 2017 Agenda

March 2017 Agenda

February 2017 Agenda

January 2017 Agenda
November 2016 Agenda
October 2016 Agenda

September 2016 Agenda

January 2018 Minutes – Pending Approval
November 2017 Minutes – Approved on 1/18/18
October 2017 Minutes – Approved on 11/16/17
September 2017 Minutes – Approved on 10/19/17

May 2017 Minutes – Approved on 9/21/17
Video Feed 5/18/17 Meeting

April 2017 Minutes – Approved on 5/18/17
Video Feed
4/20/17 Meeting

March 2017 Minutes – Approved on 4/20/17
Work Session Sheets 3/16/17 Meeting
Video Feed 3/16/17 Meeting

February 2017 Minutes
– Approved on 3/16/17
January 2017 Minutes
 – Approved on 2/16/17
November 2016 Minutes – Approved on 1/26/17
October 2016 Minutes
– Approved on 11/17/16
September 2016 Minutes
 – Approved on 10/20/16