New Family Guide

Hello New Skyline Families,

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end already and our little ones are getting ready to start their big kid school experience! Are you ready???
I wanted to give you a quick run down of some questions that you may be pondering as you prep for the school year.
Start Time:
Students can begin walking to class at 8:35, the late bell rings at 8:45. DO NOT WORRY if you are late the first day or the first week if you are driving your kids to school. The parking lot is kind of a mad house since so many parents bring their kids the first day/week. You can definitely park down on Skyline. My other advice would be to be to arrive a little early or a little late and you should be able to get a spot.
You may absolutely walk your kiddo to their classroom if you are dropping off:
*The K/1 Classrooms are downstairs, walk into the building, turn left and go down the hall and down the stairs. Turn left and both classrooms will be right there (Ms. Porter then Ms. Sammons)
If students are buying lunch, they will get a code and if you haven’t done so already, you’ll deposit money for them to withdrawal from.
If students are packing lunch, there are no specific foods to avoid as a school. If your child has an allergy be sure to let the teacher know, I’m sure he/she will make accommodations as needed for the class.
Snack is a rotating schedule for K/1. The K/1 teachers will provide snack the first week, after that you’ll find your child’s name on a date and you will have him/her bring snack for the whole class. Again, if he/she has an allergy to the snack of the day there are usually enough leftover snacks that they can choose something different that day.
School Supplies:
School supplies are generally communal, so I wouldn’t worry about getting your child’s favorite character folder, etc. If you remember supplies the first day, bring them along and there will be bins labeled outside the classroom. You’ll just drop and sort the supplies outside the room. They usually stay our for the first day or two. Here is a copy of all the grade level supply lists in case you didn’t receive one.
Water Bottles:
Kids are encouraged to bring their own filled water bottles to school (that close) especially with the current PPS Lead situation. Water fountains are closed off for use at this time. There are water dispensers in the hallways that can be used to fill but again, it is encouraged to have your child bring a bottle filled from home until further notice.
All of the K/1 classrooms have bathrooms right inside the classroom 🙂
Be sure the kids are dressed comfortably, not sure what specials kids have what days yet or if they will even begin the first day. But they will have outside recess so running and monkeying around is happening no matter what, no flip flops. The playground gets A LOT of sun, so sunscreen those kiddos!
Chris Sugura is our lead secretary! She is awesome and if you have questions or need anything once you get to school you can surely check in with her.
After school pickup is it’s own special time. Same as morning drop off, the parking lot will get full pretty quickly the first week of school. You’ll want to park in the main parking lot all the way up to the barn and to the left of the barn. Do not park in the back of the school as the buses need to be able to turn around in that area. Students will be released at 3:05 (K-5) with their entire class and walk from the back of the building up toward the front of the buses for those being picked up. Middle school students are released at 3:15 on their own.
Follow on Facebook & Instagram:
Skyline has 2 Facebook pages. The first is our public page where we share events within the community. The second is our private group exclusively for parents/guardians. It’s a place to ask a question about homework, what time to arrive for a field trip, if someone has lice, if tomorrow is crazy hair day…and much more! Both are great resources, I would encourage joining if you are on Facebook.
We just recently started an Instagram account. I’m hoping to include pictures of events and work throughout the school year on here. This is also a way to help find sponsors for our annual school auction (save the date: Saturday, March 10th).
Back to School Breakfast: 
Come join me and the rest of our PTA board and parents after drop off on the first day. We’ll have breakfast set up for parents (and littles not in school yet are welcome). It is a great chance to meet some new families! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me. We’ll be set up downstairs in the library!
Contact Form:
I would love to stay in contact with our new families over the summer and connect you with a veteran Skyline parent. I think having a mentor to check in with, ask questions, have a buddy at school events is all so spectacular! If you’re interested or just would like to get more tidbits before school starts in your email, please fill this form out:
Be sure to save the date for our annual school Cornfest event! It will be held on Friday, September 8th at 5:30pm. Purchase dinner, all the corn you can eat, play cornhole, listen to music and have a great night with friends. It’s one of our best events of the year!

Enjoy your last weeks of summer with your little ones (and big ones), Spend lots of quality time together. Your kiddos are in good hands, we have a wonderful group of teachers at Skyline. If you’re looking for a book to read to your child before they head off to their big kindergarten year, especially if they are nervous, try The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.
Thank you and I hope to meet you all soon!!
Cosette Posko
Skyline PTA President