Community Projects

We are 5th graders from Mrs. Dunn´s class:

We will be selling baked goods such as Rice Crispy Treats, & Brownies at the school carnival on June 2nd.  The money that is raised will be donated to the LCC community food bank.

-Jake, Riley, Dylan K., Grace

We created a Gofundme page to collect money. We are going to use the money to buy food items to make care packages for the homeless. We plan on hand delivering the care packages to the homeless.

We are 5th grade students trying to make a difference! We will spend our money on food for the homeless! Homelessess is a big problem in Portland.  A few facts: The problem is Portland is 1.1% worse than the average in the US, with 2.5% of people in Portland being homeless. Also, The average age…


We are doing a clothing drive. We plan on donating the clothes to Portland Rescue Mission which is an organization that helps homeless people.

Carson, Lily, Chase, Madeleine

We are doing a canned food drive at school to collect food for the homeless. We are donating  all non perishable food to the LCC Food Bank on May 31st.  Boxes are set up in the main hall of the school.

Claire, Sebastian,Kevin and Colton.

We are 5th graders trying to help the homeless and we are having a food collection stand at the school the carnival. We would provide fliers to inform everyone of what we are doing and why we are doing it.

 Nathan, Paddy, and Oliver

We are doing a class fundraiser collecting canned food to donate to the organization Snow Cap.

Millie, Ashley ,Caitlin M.