SAVE THE DATE for the 2018 Auction


A picture is worth a thousand words, check out pictures from past auctions:


As the time draws near to our Annual School Auction, we want to give you some resources and tidbits to help you know what to expect, plan out your night and give you a glimpse into the wonderful planning that goes into this monumental event!

Check out the Auction Catalog


Calling all Skyline folks! To make our auction a success, we need YOUR help! Ideally, we need folks to sign up for at least (2) 1-hour shifts.

You can volunteer AND bid Saturday night!

If you sign up, please be prepared for an email detailing your position’s job description for the night of the auction. It’s best to read prior to auction night so you can come prepared! Thank you!
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The Nitty Gritty

Our school auction raises an average of $80,000
! For a small school of only 300 students, that is quite impressive, GO EAGLES! So we raise all this money, what do we do with it? I’ll give you a quick synopsis, but you can read more about it on our Foundation Page that gives you ALL the facts!

The majority of the money raised from our School Auction goes to our Foundation. Money that is earned for the Foundation is the ONLY way we can pay for additional teachers to lower class sizes or add on instruction (ie: Spanish for K-3 this year). It is to pay for licensed teachers, that’s it! Some of the money stays with the PTA and we use as needed to support other events within the school including: classroom funds, community events, library resources, among many others. You can find more information about how funds are allocated and where your money goes in this letter that went out at the beginning of the year.

Regardless of how much money we earn through the Foundation, remember this…to reach our goal, we will always need to factor in an additional 33%. Why?
Well, we can keep the first $10,000 free and clear but anything above that gets 1/3 donated to All Hands Raised. All Hands Raised is in place to support those schools that do NOT have a Foundation and work to maintain equity among schools within PPS. Read more about their efforts on the above link. So if our goal is to raise $100,000 as a school, we need to consider adding in another $30,000 to compensate.

On to the fun stuff! Auction!

I mean, we could just ask you all to donate your money but what’s the fun in that??? Why not have a big party, dress up and THEN take your money! In the end, at least you’ve had a good time! Let me walk you through the night…what to expect and some tips along the way!

9055c86b-3998-40ac-87a7-67508d1a3977Every year, brilliant minds come to together to conjure up an amazing theme that will wow the crowds. From Back to the Future, Secret Garden, Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web, Dr. Seuss and this year GREASEGrease guys, we’re going to have our very own PROM right at Skyline!!!!!! Our gym is transformed into a beautiful, elegant oasis for us to party and make memories.

In the next few weeks be on the lookout for an invitation with all the details and your very own auction catalog. The catalog will give you a glimpse into what is in store at the main event. Use it to mark what you want to bid on, map out your plan and budget and see the wonderful array of goods from local businesses and YOU! If you have something to donate, bring it by the school SOON. We are in need of items as this crazy month of weather has us behind! You can also fill out this donation form by February 11th if you’d like to be mentioned in the catalog. Drop off any new/gently used items in the copy room (label Auction). We’re still looking for some getaway homes to auction off in the live auction!!!

beer_wineThe party starts at The Skyline Grange a few hours before the auction (3:00pm). This is the place to be!!!! $10 per person allows you to enjoy bottomless wine, beer and snacks! Check in with your auction number early. Loosen up a little before the main event (I think last year I ate my weight in cheese and wine, just saying)!

domalo-childcareOur auction also comes with childcare, bring them along with you and drop them off at the school for a special night for the kids!

1 child:$25
2 children: $35
3+ children (bless you!): $45

So starting shortly before the auction pre-party, bring your kids to the school library, go have fun, forget about them for awhile, and pick them up when you are done!! We feed them, show movies, let them run like banshees through the school (j.k.!) Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Sign-up here! 

Golden StarsThe big event begins at 5:30 at the school! Take some time to soak it all in, admire the decorations, the tablescape, the carefully place items showcased with love and the hand-crafted art made by your very own children! Mix and mingle with old friends, meet new friends and take them under your wing (I know I was CLUELESS at my first auction, find a lost soul and help them out)! Make your bids on the silent auction items, keep walking around to check on your items until the bids close! Hopefully you won some cool stuff!!!! Free Photo Book from 5:30-7:00pm!

Okay, now onto the rest of the night…

party-time1Then, a BIG moment happens, COMMUNITY PARTIES are open for sign-up!

As a cornerstone of the Skyline auction, the Community Parties are something to look forward to every year. Community Parties are hosted by families, local businesses and teachers, and involve a variety of events for the enjoyment of those who buy a spot at the party during the Auction. These great events bring friends and strangers alike together, strengthening our little community and forging lasting relationships that move far beyond just funding education, making our school a part of our home. With so many amazing experiences to choose from, you may just sign-up for them all!! Our community parties not only bring families together but they are a huge part of our auction bringing in $16,000 ALONE last year. 
This year we have old family favorites returning:
Meatfest – the celebration of all things food
Skyline Kids Night Out – an evening for the kids to run wild in the school.
Epic parties are the hallmark of the Community Party events, and Bunco – the pointless dice game that’s all about the people, Trike Races – where… well, adults race kids trikes, and the Rader Barn Party (we don’t know the theme yet!) will be the stuff stories are made of once again. The women can enjoy some relaxing time with The Ladies Cocktail Party, Skyline Fashion exchange and Ladies Brunch, while the guys can over-do it at Manfest (all self explanatory).
And some NEW parties for 2017:
All-day moto adventure
Oregon Zoo with Mrs. Porter

Everyone Behaving Badly

This is the time to phone a friend, grab a veteran Skyline parent and get the ins and outs of the parties! There are some so epic that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Bonus, if you volunteer to help out at the auction, you get early dibs on the party sheets!!

cakeDid I mention there would be dessert? Yes! We rely on YOU to bring some of your BEST desserts to the event. People bid on their favorites and win them to enjoy eating during the live auction. What better way to enjoy the live auction than eating an entire cake with your friends? I can find very few other ways, unless there was wine with it, hmmmm…I digress. Find some dessert, bid lots of money on it (think about how much money fancy desserts cost St. Honore or other schmancy bakeries!!!) but this money goes DIRECTLY to our school!

12718253_10209051232058257_6262967323554603182_nI know I mentioned beer and wine above at the Pre-Party but we also have a WALL of WINE  (WOW) and BARREL of BEER (BOB) that you can WIN to take home! Yes, a wall of 100 wines and a barrel of beer. That should be enough to get you through to spring. To get this AMAZING prize, we need your donations! You can donate your beer and wine in the school parking lot (classy, we know!) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday or donate to the Plainview Store, if you purchase from them you’ll also get 10% off!!! Score! If you need help getting your donations to the school, whether it be beer, wine, new or gently used items, you can always contact our Auction Team at


The big bang of the night! LIVE AUCTION! We have an auctioneer that leads this event with big tickets items like the coveted parking spots, do you know how badly I want one of those??? Your kid could be Principal for the Day or Page for a Day getting a chance to work  Senator Johnson! And vacations, we have beautiful vacation homes that are auctioned off! What better way to donate to our school by also winning a vacation or private parking! Other big ticket items including Sporting Events and more! We’ll see what is in store this year, but keep an open mind and check your auction catalog for all the latest and greatest!

Stay tuned for more information, pictures and tips and tricks about our upcoming Auction! We hope this gave you a glimpse into our amazing event that is not only a way to raise funds for our school but one of the best experiences to build and foster friendships and relationships. Now what are you waiting for, get out there and find your costume but before you do, check out this Flipagram with some fun pictures from past events.