1st Day of School Eve

So if you’re anything like me, it’s 8:00pm the night before school and I have nothing done! Truth be told, I literally just deboarded a plane, trying to get kids in the shower, pull out the outfit I thought would be a good first day of school outfit from the top of some suitcase and scrambling to get school supplies packed and some sort of lunch together.

But it’s okay! It’ll all be okay! Kids will get to school (at somepoint), they’ll be mostly rested, they’ll get lunch even if I do start the year off with a PB&J (will you judge me??) So whatever is happening this evening, take a deep breath, enjoy the last moments with your kiddos and ship them off to our amazing fabulous staff tomorrow morning.

If you’re kids are NOT in bed yet (mine aren’t…yikes) sit down, read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn or your favorite back to school book and enjoy the last moments with your kiddos!

A few housekeeping items to share as well
(because that is inevitable!)

School Supply Kits (delays):
Attention Families that ordered from our school supply fundraiser:
We received part of our order but not all.
Backpacks, lunch boxes, copy paper, paper towels and some of the bulk items have not arrived yet. They should be here within the week. I am so sorry for the delay. If you need any further contact Shirley Baker.

Parking on the first day of school can be a challenge! Please be mindful of children and buses. Parking tends to be limited so be patient. Also, the auction committee would like to remind you that the reserved parking spots in our lot should not be used by anyone other than those families with their names on the signs. These families have paid for the privilege to park in these spots at last year’s auction. Please be considerate when dropping off or picking up your children. Thank you!

Middle Schoolers:
Middle school students should report to the GYM tomorrow morning!

Bus Transportation Update:
Student Transportation has made changes to Routes 21, 27, 29 and 30 over the last few days in order to better serve students and families. If your student rides this route, please visit our website to ensure you have the correct stop time for your bus stop.

Thank you,
Student Transportation

Back to School Breakfast:
Join the PTA in the library for a breakfast after drop off tomorrow morning. It’s a great time to mix and mingle with new families and our returning veteran families. See you there!!!

Cosette Posko