facts_of_lice_bgAlright families, time to get real! Happy Thursday and the start of a 3-day weekend! If you’re not in the know yet, LICE is BACK!!!! If you’re new to public school, welcome to an unfortunate occurrence not only at Skyline but the majority of schools these days.
If you have time this weekend, take some time to do lice checks on your kids. Visual checks are good but wet combing with lice combs are more effective. I try to do this once a week with my kids (every 2 weeks if I’m slacking).
“Wet combing was much better at detecting active head lice infestations, correctly identifying them in 90.5% of children, compared with a 28.6% accuracy rate for visual inspections.”
Here are some resources to get your weekend started:
Be sure kids with long hair keep it up out of their face and dangling. Make sure kids aren’t hugging, high fives are best! Also, I have trained my kids to keep their coats inside their backpacks AT ALL TIMES!!!!! Prevention is key! 
I can go on and on about lice, treatment and effective ways to try and prevent it. If you are interested we can try to have a representative come to another PTA meeting this year from Lice Knowing You **to answer all your questions. In the meantime, after you’ve now vigorously itched your head…go check your kid’s heads!!!!! I hope I didn’t ruin your dinner!!! 
**If you’re not up for picking nits from your kid’s head, Lice Knowing You is a service that treats lice and guarantees their work. Check them out and their pricing if you’re in need.
Finally, PPS’ policy on lice:
Just a reminder any child with LIVE lice CANNOT be at school!
Cosette Posko
PTA President