TGIF ~ I got shoes on my feet

Yesterday all 3 of my kids were done getting ready a solid 20 minutes early!! It was miraculous, I mean they all sat on the couch reading. Backpacks were packed up, lunches made and put away, breakfast took slightly less than the 40 minutes it usually takes to eat a piece of toast or half a bagel, it was fantastic!! 
Best of all, there was no poop delay!! You heard me, poop delay, the dreaded 20 minutes that no matter what you do you can’t rush. And by golly, it seems to always happen 5 minutes before you have to head out the door and when one kid has to go, the others seem to follow! 

So TGIF, it’s the end of a long second week (actually shorter than the first!!) The kids are getting in the swing of this school thing now! Kudos to you for getting them out the door, hopefully one less tantrum than last week. Kudos to our teachers who are with them all day making them better citizens! 

Whatever your weekend plans include, hopefully it includes some fun, rest and relaxation. 

I hope you will join our Skyline family at a long tradition of CORNFEST tonight, Friday, September 9th. Enjoy dinner, music, all the corn you can eat FREE! The festivities begin at 5:30, bring the whole family. You can find all the details here

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend ahead. Hope to see you tonight! 

Cosette Posko

PTA President