The Excitement is Dwindling

So you made it through 2 full days back at school. Have you experienced kids melting down yet? All this brain work is EXHAUSTING! One of my little ones had a HUGE meltdown this evening over not wanting to take a shower, so we told her to go get ready for bed…and clearly that was also the wrong answer, meltdown continued! Emotions are high! Take a few deep breaths and know that it will get better.
#IwillGetThroughThis #TheStruggleIsReal #BacktoSchool #ThankATeacher

Besides getting into a new routine, packing lunches, trying not to miss the bus, schlepping them to soccer, not forgetting to pick them up AND managing to work…did you check out that GIANT PACKET of goodies? I know, that sounds like a daunting task but I promise you it will be worth it! You will either read through it and feel so informed or have 6 million questions! Guess what, if you have questions, I’m here to help you. I’m hoping this page will be a huge resource for you.

  • Please consider joining PTA, you can find information on membership here. Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, September 22nd at 6pm, learn more about our fabulous PTA!
  • Our calendar is all up to date and you can even sync with your Google Account! Check it out!
  • You can learn more about our Foundation, there was also a gold letter that came home in your packet from PTA & Foundation.
  • Our Volunteer page has all your need to get started, consider filling a committee chair position, get registered today! **Updates coming with newest form**
  • Our staff is settling in, if you need to contact anyone, you can find their email address listed.
  • Our first Eagle’s Nest was published on Monday, be sure to check you inbox. You can also find all the latest editions here.  Thanks Nicole Fravel for keeping us Green and in the know! If you’d like something submitted for the Monday edition, send her a blurb by Friday at noon every week!
  • Make sure you “follow” the webpage, find the link on the right-hand side of the home page that says “FollowSkylineSchoolPTA”.
  • Upcoming events: We have several sign-ups in place, we’re looking for some volunteers for Cornfest, Late Start Breakfasts and Clothing Closet.
  • For those of you that are new to Skyline, please be sure to come to Cornfest next Friday, September 9th at 5:30. Dinner for purchase, all the corn you can eat, local band talent and lot of fun! It’s a perfect way to mix and mingle. Bring your picnic blanket and enjoy!
  • We have lots of way to give at Skyline:

I hope everyone is the family is getting some much needed rest and relaxation! Here’s to 3 more days this week. Hope to see you in the building…if I have forgotten your name, please forgive me and reintroduce, having 3 kids will make anyone have short-term memory loss!

Good Evening,
Cosette Posko
PTA President